You are reading the first edition of the Sparktech Newsletter. In order to keep our past applicants, students and friends informed about our evolution, we have decided to do a newsletter regularly. This way, you’ll find out about what’s up with us and the tech stack we’re working with.


It is also a good way to stay in touch for:

  • some of the latest tech trends in Web Dev, Machine Learning, Big Data and so on
  • further hackathons we plan to setup
  • cutting edge job opportunities for you to explore

What to expect

In every issue you will find:

  • a “Spotlight” on a project we’ve been working on
  • a snippet on what our team has been up to lately
  • announcements of upcoming events
  • details and photos of recent events
  • a Career Focus feature to highlight current opportunities that could merge with your future career path.

If you haven’t checked in with us recently, you might be surprised about all the things that have been happening.

Reach out to us, we’ll be happy to respond.