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Breaking news: Textract scheduled to start on December 7

Sparktech announces new and exciting Machine Learning Hackathon edition this December 7.

Since 2015, at the end of each year, a committee of Sparktech Staff and Machine Learning community members get together for Textract. This year, teams are expected to submit their application on the official website of the competition by December 4, as participants will be officially announced on December 5.

Each edition of this hackathon features a unique theme. This year, contestants will have the chance to tap into the many facets of truthology, as Textract will morph into a fakextract experience. The event will follow a Kaggle InClass competition format.

The 1500$ competition will take place on Saturday, December 7, inside the Sparktech Office, the same location as last year.

We are aiming for a maximum of 16 teams of 2-4 members. Our ML team is always eager to meet with students who take the time to participate and try out different algorithms as they create their own outcome throughout this 24 hour journey. This is why the final round of compelling presentations becomes essential in wrapping up the entire experience.

Make sure you don’t miss the fourth ML Hackathon powered by Sparktech, coming up this December!

  • 17 Nov 2019today


Bachelor’s, Master’s or PhD students | Fresh graduates


HACKATHON: Sparktech Office, Str. Vulturilor 98A, GRAWE
PRESENTATIONS: Amfiteatrul Titeica – FMI|UniBuc (Str. Academiei 14)


Form a team of 2-4 members.
Choose an unique name for your team.
Sign up and save the date in your calendar.
When the alarm goes off that day, wake up inspired and ready to rock.
Bring your laptops. We’ll provide 220 and WiFi.
Aim hackathonward.
Experiment. Collaborate. Extract. Connect the dots.
Hand in your work 24h later.
Take your time to prepare your presentation.
Showcase your results on Dec 15th.
The best solutions will be rewarded with prizes worth a total value of $1500.


7-8 DECEMBER – Hackathon
09:00 – Welcome! Time for your setup
09:30 – Intro: Hackathon details
10:00 – Action! (round one)
14:00 – Take a break in the name of Cheesus Crust: it’s pizza time!
14:30 – Action! (round two)
19:00 – Say double cheese for the sandwiches in the back
19:30 – Action! (round three)
07:30 – Breaking bread
10:00 – Night shift is over: good morning & good night!

14 DECEMBER – Presentations
10:00 – Reveal your work (round one)
12:30 – Pause for applause
12:45 – Reveal your work (round two)


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