One of Sparktech’s traditions is rooted in the internship programs that take place every summer. The classic recipe makes the internship experience a very exciting and attractive one, as it includes a cross-functional team of interns that develops a project from scratch using the Agile methodology within 3 months.

2018 was the year we took this traditional approach to the next level. It was one of the most ambitious missions we attempted to pursue and it was all worth it! Once, twice, three times the challenge: we went all in and built 3 cross-functional internship teams that worked independently on their own projects.

With great effort came this great satisfaction that wouldn’t have been possible without the sustained support from our team of Mentors. The whole experience exceeded our expectations end to end.

All 3 projects that resulted from this adventure illustrate everyone’s passion and commitment towards building something awesome, while having fun:

We tailored specific roles to match the tasks for each project: DevOps, Big Data, Machine Learning, Frontend, Backend (Java and Ruby on Rails), QA, iOS, Product Owners and UI/UX Designers. All interns covering those roles did a remarkable job in crafting their part of the assignments.

We spent all summer bringing our best selves to work and having fun and, in the end, we all had something to learn from this experience.

Congrats to the 2018 generation of interns for the way you handled this journey and good luck to those of you who joined the team in October! Let’s keep on going 0 days without a challenge!

On to the next one!