Internship Program

We encourage Computer Science students to apply for our Internship program this summer. It will be based on two projects that will start from scratch. One of them is data science oriented, while the other is a complex web & mobile app. Open positions include roles in Machine Learning, Big Data, Mobile, Frontend and Backend development, UI/UX Design, Project Management, DevOps and Quality Assurance. We provide meaningful and engaging work and support free exchange of ideas.

Agile Team

From the first day on the job, all interns will be involved in a training phase where they will be encouraged to expand their knowledge. This includes getting familiar with the Agile working environment, with a focus on assimilating as much know-how as possible. Following the training, all interns will form an Agile team and they will have the opportunity to be actively involved in every phase of the project, all with the support of a dedicated mentor. All assignments will add value both to our company and to your development as a professional in the field.