The last Internship program at Sparktech was celebrated with a full-feature demo of Chextract, the Machine Learning solution our interns developed from scratch.


This automation tool that extracts data from bank checks allows the users to create customised reports based on the amount of money extracted from the checks in different currencies and timespans.

Within our Agile working environment, the tech-stack combined some of our favorite technologies, starting with Ruby on Rails and React.js towards Python, Tesseract, Docker, Portainer and GitLab.

All interns formed a 7 member team with the help of 1 Product Owner, 2 Machine Learning Engineers, 1 Backend Developer, 2 Frontend Developers and 1 DevOps Engineer.

With great determination, success is just a matter of time. It took a 3 months journey with the support of our dedicated mentors for this internship team to arrive at the Chextract destination.

The infographic above illustrates the distinctive facts and figures summing up the complex experience the interns had while working on this ML project.

Congratulations to all 7 “graduates”, we’re very proud and happy to have you on-board!

This year’s internship edition offers positions with roles in Machine Learning, Big Data, Mobile, Frontend and Backend development, UI/UX Design, Project Management, DevOps and Quality Assurance.